Feb 24

these daydreams of mine

      I like when the winter air is just the right temperature to make me imagine myself walking through a Victorian castle’s courtyard in the dreary calm just before a bone chilling snow storm, with the natural light filtering through the gray clouds casting the stone building and sky into a bleak pallor. 

      I like when the water in a lake converges over my head, the sun casting the far away surface into a blanket woven of gold sunlight threads. Life is silent in that moment, the whole world a blue haze. There is life in the deep blue darkness below. I can feel their eyes watching me. 

      I like when I can see the Earth teasing me on top of the mountain, telling me See these mountains? These rivers and plains? These are my features. I know they are beautiful because they make me. Can you say the same for yourself? And I sit in silence atop a ridge, thinking of its thought-evoking words. I descend when I have an answer. 

      I like when I’m driving in my car alone, cruising along the smooth, empty road with sarcastic classical music humming through the radio. The window is down, the wind merely a whisper against my face. Where am I going? The question presents itself in my mind. I ignore it. I don’t need to know.