Feb 24

The hidden

I am the one with two sides
I am the one who is always sad
The one who has been through too much 
Too early on.
The one who is always stressed
Who is packed with anxiety
The one who never sleeps 
Because of overthinking. 
The one who picks their lips 
Until they are split and bloody 
The one who tries to forget
Because the memories are ubarable. 
The one who stares at walls 
Trying to escape where they are 
The one who has cried too many times 
In their mother's arms
Yet I am still the one who you can rely on
Who you can tell anything too
The one who laughs at the dumbest things
To make sure people think they’re happy 
The one who is running out of room to paint 
Because they escape through art
The one who is nice to everyone 
And has no enemys 
The one who is making her mother proud 
With the dream of being a doctor 
The one who puts everyone before themselves
Asking “are you okay” when even they arent okay
The one who laughs about crying in school 
Because they’re finally breaking
I am the one who hides
Because hiding can't hurt other people.
About the Author: Kenzie
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