Feb 25
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Treat Yourself

I am the one who works hard every day. I work hard for myself, and for opportunities I could receive in the future. I play sports, I do art, I act, I am a straight A student, and if I’m being honest… It can be hard to maintain a happy life when you get stuck in the daily grind. I want to use this piece of writing to remind myself, and anyone else for that matter, that it is alright to take a break. Life as a high schooler is incredibly stressful. From stacks of homework, too lovely high school politics (complete sarcasm by the way). Even though it is important to not let all of this rubbish get to you, it can affect your mental health. Sometimes, it is the most important thing for your sanity to take a break from it all. Take a day off from school once in a while and treat yourself. Just relax a little bit and take a load off. Because as important school is, you are way more valuable. So future self, and anyone else who is reading this and needs a healthy reminder, remember this. It is okay to not be perfect all the time.
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