Feb 26
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I Like...

                                          I Like….
I like to do lots of things when I have free time at home. I like to farm, go fishing and gather sap to make maple syrup in the Spring. There are lots of other things I like to do in my free time. There are too many things to put them all on here. Here are a few things I like to do.

    I like to farm because I like the animals that are on farms. I also like to drive the tractors on the farm. I love it when I get dirty on our farm, but I don’t like it when I have to take a shower after I get dirty. My favorite farm animal is the pig. I like them because they have a super power. They can turn apples, potato peels and other vegetables into bacon, sausage, ham and pork. My second favorite animal is the cow. They also have a super power. They can turn grass, hay and cow grain into hamburger and steak for me to eat. That is why I like to farm.

    I like to go fishing because it is a good usage of time. It is my favorite sport to play and I don’t need a license until I am fifteen years old. The biggest fish that I have caught was a northern pike. I caught it when I was little and was fishing at Lake St. Catherine. I was fishing with some of my family, but I don’t remember exactly who I went fishing with. I like to try to catch the big fish that put up a good fight before I can get them reeled in to take the hook off. When the big fish aren't biting, I go for the little fish who are almost always biting. That is why I like to go fishing.

    I like to gather sap in the Spring because I get paid to give the sap to my grandfather. He boils the sap I gather along with the sap that my dad and he gathers to make maple syrup to sell for more money. I also like to gather sap because it is something I can do when I have nothing else to do. That is how I make most of my money in the Spring. I use our four wheeler and a trailer with a little 35 gallon sap tank. That is why I like to gather sap in the Spring.