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my best friend

My Best Friend!!!
My best friend is named Quincy and he is super shy around anyone he doesn't know. He is sometimes even shy around me and his other friends. I have been his best friend since we were in pre-k. He would hide behind his mom or sit in the corner by himself. Once he got to know me, we were best friends and he came over to my house a lot. The first time he came over, he got scared because our dog was barking. After that, he got used to it. He wasn't as shy around me anymore but he was still shy around other people. 

In first and second grade, Quincy was homeschooled by his dad because he had to meet all the new kids in the classroom next door and he was scared. He came back in third grade and was much less shy but was still sensitive. In fourth grade, Quincy, my brother and I went to Six Flags with our parents. Quincy was afraid of all the people and would only sit next to me or his parents. He also didn't eat lunch at the Six Flags. 

Ever since we went to Six Flags he has said hi to people and talked to them. He still only plays with me and a few other kids that his parents are friends with. At one point in fourth grade Quincy didn't go to any of the school activities that weren’t required. After awhile I asked him why he wasn't going to any of the school activities. He told me that he was busy and didn't have time to come. The next day I asked him if he could come over to my house but he said he was busy and couldn't make it. Just then I realized he was telling the truth because the day before he said he had a hockey tournament.

Within the next few weeks he came to a movie night at the school and I filled him in on the other movies he had missed. After that, he made it to a couple other movie nights and a karaoke night. I could still tell that he was shy when he came to get togethers but he came and that’s all that mattered to me.

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