Feb 27

the five states of us

You and I have five settings: 

We talk about anything and everything and everything's grandmother and we just keep building and building and asking and answering and wondering and relishing our similiarities for hours on end, even after the batteries of my fairy lights run out 

We argue like we hate each other (when everyone knows that we don't), throw insults (but we don't throw them too hard), bicker over every detail, purposefully misinterpret, and create blatant mayhem. I hit you in the face with a snow ball (by accident, I can never aim properly) and you pretend you're dying 

We sit in unbreakable silence while at least one of us (maybe both) is trying to think of something intelligent to say, and it's so painful but at least I'm sitting next to you

I rest my head in the soft crook of your shoulder which feels like it was made for me so I stare up at your eyes. You can't see me look at you and eventually I let go and nestle into your side breathing in your smell I could get high on that smell
You rest your head underneath my collar bone tilting your face to look at me and argue with something I said five minutes ago or casually touch my face with your perfect fingers

You say something about my lips and I don't know what to say so I stare at you and you stare back and neither of us really knows what to do until someone says something completely unrelated