Feb 27

What Do You Trust about Trust?

There’s another romance movie on Netflix 
It’s a cliche "chic flic."
Where the boy says to the girl 
Do you trust me? And the girls whole world 
Because he is her everything. 
So the answer is yes, she is very trusting,
Of him at least. 

It seems like most of the modern, romantic movies right now feast 
On the fact that hopeless romantic girls are sitting at home 
Watching these movies 
And so they throw in all these cliches and oey gooyey sappy lessons 
Because cliches are made for a reason. 
And it seems as if something we are all pining for 
Is that boy, or girl, 
Or friend, or somebody 
That we can trust whole heartedly

Because trust makes us feel safe and valued.

And yet then someone breaks our trust 
And we feel as if we must
Stop trusting everyone else.
So the next friend comes along, and well, 
We tell them, sorry, I can’t trust you yet, 
The last person I met 
Broke my trust, 
And it hurt so much, 
I can’t put myself through that again.

I was going to ask the head of school candidates; if a student breaks your trust, what happens next? 
Because you can tell a lot about a person by how they handle a situation. 
Is trust something to be earned? 
Because actions speak louder than words 
But how hard do I have to work before you decide to trust me? 
How long do I have to prove myself, or will you just set me free at some point,
Because you realize you can never trust anyone ever again. 

And then do I just let you go? 

No one ever tells you about trust when you’re little 
Just think about it, do you remember talking about it before middle school?
They told us to be kind to others 
And to share our toys and teddy bears. 
But maybe no one told us about it 
Because they don’t understand it 
Because I don’t understand it 
And I sit and write poetry so that maybe 
I’ll know. 
I’ll learn the secret and then I can come back and tell you. 
And yet maybe the answers are in front of us, too. 
We only have a little time on this Earth to love 
To show people we care for them 
But is trust a part of true love? 

Those cliche movies on Netflix seem to think so

Maybe the goal 
For those girls 
Who are sitting home alone
Is to find a nice boy who will sit 
And watch those movies with them 
Because at the end of the day 
Cliches are cliches for a reason, 
What does trust really have to do with it?