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Hi, my name is Tommy. I have brownish-grayish hair. I have no glasses. I have a little sister named Taylor. My mom is a janitor at my school and I don’t really know what my dad does. I am very shy and I don't  like to meet new people. I am home-schooled. My mom’s name is Caitlin and my dad's name is Tom. I got home-schooled by my aunt. 

    I  like to sit by myself in my bedroom. My sister always wants me to play with her outside, but I don’t like it when everyone watches me. So, I don’t. Sometimes my mom and dad make me go outside with her but I just act like I’m going to get something from my bedroom. Instead, I stay in my bedroom. 

    One day my mom made me go to a public school for a day. I didn't want to because there were a lot of kids there, so I tried to convince my mom to let me keep being home-schooled. Here is the conversation: 

        “Tommy!” Yelled, Caitlin. 

        “What!” said Tommy. 

        “Get up and get ready for school!” said Caitlin.

        “Why?” asked Tommy.

“You're going to a public school for a day.” said Caitlin.

 “No! I don’t want too.” said Tommy

         “No choice. Get up!” said Caitlin. So, I had to get up.

I got home and I loved it. It was awesome. I made so many friends. Everyone there is really nice. My teacher, Mrs. Taylor, is also very nice. She helps me when I need it. She even lets us go outside after a snack. Also, everyone played with me at recess. I never really thought that I would like it. Now I’m not so shy. 

                                    By, Allison


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