Feb 28
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A Cat's Way Home

A Cat’s Way Home

He’s trying to be petted, 

Purring and such,

But nobody notices him,

He is dark to this world.
He needs to just ask. 

Sit there and be cute,

Like he always has been.

He’s coming from the heart.

Shy and young.

The young cat is needing a home in life. 
The air is flowing, trees are whistling.

It’s time for the cat to find a home.

An owner who will pet him and be kind,

But in order to do that he must not be shy.
In the dawn of November he finds a home.

With two young children and a father and mother.

They love him more than anything in the world,

And that is only because he overcame

His fear of opening up to the world.
In early January he meets a friend,

A kind cow worthy of him.

The cow’s name is Bob and he too is in need of something.

But luckily the cat came to his rescue.

Now Bob has somebody to talk to when he’s sad, 

And somebody to hug when he’s feeling mad.

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