Feb 28

She Is Beautiful, But You Don't Hear Her

Earth is a beautiful woman,
because she is not perfect.

Humans do not see the beauty inside us,
overcritical and jealous, even of a body.

Sough out for her curves,
Earth prevails.
But it takes a toll,
humans leave their mark.
A trail of pollution and destruction
in their wake.
To enjoy her body but at her expense.

When she doesn't shave,
humans take it upon themselves to do it for her.
Forests cleared and trees cut down
surrendered from her skin.
If she fails to be beautiful...
they will not like it.

She is not perfect
and that is what makes her a
beautiful woman.

Drill holes in her body
Making her an unwilling blood donor,
but they don't care.

Let her live her life.
Fair wages, freedom to birth control,
freedom to vote, freedom to choice,
freedom to breathe in her own atmosphere.
Not confined to their exhales.

Be quiet.
This woman has just birthed.
It was a hard labor,
let her rest.
Children run through her hair.
She knows she has not bled for nothing,
but raising a child is not easy.
But she knows she will bleed again.
Woman's pain.
She likes her body better
when her blood
is not spilt on the
red carpet.
Extracted by assault.

She is beautiful
but she likes herself better
when she is heard.
About the Author: fire girl
" to choose to write is to reject silence" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie