Mar 01
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The Longest Walk On Legos

If I could break any world record I would break the worlds longest walk on lego bricks barefoot set by Dude Perfect’s Tyler Toney in 2018.  He walked 146.94 feet breaking the previous record of 84 feet. I would achieve this record by laying out a layered path of legos at least 1.5 feet wide in a straight line 147 feet or longer. Then I would walk on the legos so I could be prepared to walk that far on legos when the time came to officially break the record. 

I chose this record to break for many reasons. The first was that Dude Perfect chose to complete this challenge. These are guys who are really inspirational because they give out the message of don't give up, keep trying and you will be rewarded. The second reason is this record would be an interesting record to break because stepping on legos hurts and so walking 147 plus feet on legos barefoot would be a great test of your mental capacity to overcome pain and to think positively about the rewards from all the hard work you have put in.
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