Mar 04

it's only an illusion

It's only an illusion
I'm not who you think I am, even though I know that sometimes
I seem like the person I know you think you know I am

You're wrong
I'm wrong
You're so sure that I'm sure
You're sure of yourself because you're sure about me
Who I am
What I do How I seem How I speak Why I care What I wear Who I want to be What I want to be Why I chose this (I didn't) you think you know
In fact you know you know but you know wrong
This is only an illusion 
A conversation that I'm creating in my head for you to create in your head so that you can create what's in my head so that I can prove you wrong
Because I need to prove somone wrong 
I don't have to be right as long as I can show you that you don't know everything about me about you
You're an illusion trust me I don't want you to be alone but you have to know that you can't keep people close
By hurting them