Mar 04

apologies from the ocean

I didn't mean to 
It was an accident I swear
The people were so sad
I swallowed up the ship, I know, I'm sorry
But the world could use more salt water, more tears, more of me
More ocean
Ocean is such a beautiful word and it makes such a beautiful world
I didn't mean to hurt her, I'm sorry (Jack)(Tom)(Edward)(Matthew)(Will)(George)(Elijah)
It's not my fault that she froze, that she couldn't breathe
It was dark, the pilot couldn't see there was an iceberg I'm sorry the ship sank I'm sorry she drowned
I'm sorry you drowned
That was your choice, though
Not mine
I would give you back your breath if I could but then where would we be
I would be lonely without your souls
I'm sorry you were heartbroken, (Jack)(Tom)(Edward)(Matthew)(Will)(George)(Elijah)
But you jumped in the water and I was gracious enough to take you in