Mar 05
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My Invention

     I have a problem. I spend way too long in the morning and at night getting ready. I mean brushing my teeth and washing my face. It just takes too long! When flossing, teeth brushing, mouth-washing, and showering come together, they form a daunting task that can take upwards of fifteen minutes. Half of half of an hour that could be spent doing something productive, like writing for the young writers project. Fortunately I have a solution. I propose an invention that would allow someone to floss, brush their teeth, wash their mouth and face, and shower almost simultaneously.
     So we all know pocket knives and multi tools right? They're great, super useful. What if all of your toiletries were part of a single tool. A swiss army knife except with a toothbrush instead of a knife and floss instead of a screwdriver. Or even a more versatile, key chain, equipped with all the necessary toiletries. Both of these inventions would allow for a speedy morning and evening routine with everything you need in one place. Having everything in one place saves time, for example you could brush your teeth in the shower and not worry about flossing because the floss is literally attached to the toothbrush. Evening and morning routines are time consuming and this invention will string all of the parts of getting ready together for a quick bathroom routine.

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