Mar 05
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The end of the Rainbow

I walk for an hour and ½

The rainbow popped up after the rain 

And after something else…

I can’t remember

I’ve always wondered what is at the end

Most people say it doesn’t exist

Whatever it is I’m going to find it

I’m trying to stay in a straight line but it's hard

My head hurts with white hot pain

I don’t even know where I am


I stubble upon a clearing 

And in the middle

Is the end of the rainbow

In this clearing the sun is shining down

The birds are chirping

Flowers budding

I walk over to it 

I reach my hand out

All I feel is shimmering warmth

Then the world starts to spin

I  lay down in the rainbow

Surrounded by its warmth 

I wake up 

In a hospital

A doctor standing over me


Don’t move.

Do you remember… 

Do you remember the crash?”
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