Mar 05
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The End of the Rainbow

The myth children have always been told about the end of the rainbow has always been a lie. The leprechauns, gold, and other treasures that have been believed by many to be at the end of the rainbow is a tumorous growth planted there by humanity. Some people would say there is no end to the rainbow, but that was not a lie, but a common misconception that most “intelligent” humans stand by. I am here to give real knowledge to humans, so they will hopefully stop coming to the wrong conclusions.

If there was any explorer that went on an expedition to find the end of the rainbow, they would find what I am about to describe. As you got a little less than a mile away from the end, you would start to feel a sensation that makes you feel like you have no choice but to turn back. If you somehow resist that, there is an invisible wall that will only let you through if you are very passionate about finding the end of the rainbow. There will be many other traps and obstacles along the way.

If the impossible happens and you find the end, there will be a single book describing all that happens in the universe. Who I am, what others are like me, why you exist, why the universe exists. It's all in there. But, it isn’t my job to tell what exactly is in the book, so you will have to be that brave adventurer and try to find the end of the rainbow.
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