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How We Lost

Just us. That was how it had always been. Seven of us mice living in an old house just outside of town. We had been there since before I could remember. Everything was perfect. We lived in quiet and peace. The house was cool and airy and the curtains that were never taken down were closed all the way but an inch at the bottom letting the tiniest bit of light in. Like I said. Perfect. 

    Until one day. I had woken to the sound of a truck and talking people. I jumped up from my corner on the floor and ran to wake up the other mice. We all ran to the window and looked out. There was a young man and a lady. There was a moving truck and they were pulling things out from it and setting it on the lawn. The young lady was holding something wrapped in a light blue blanket. Oh no! It couldn’t be! It was a baby! I felt like fainting. Kids were the worst! And these new people living here we would have to do something about them. 

    The people came inside, dragging in furniture with them. We all scurried to the darkest corner of the house. While the man brought in more things the lady began talking things out of boxes and began cleaning the house. By the time the pink sky turned black the entire house had been cleaned and the lady had put the tiny baby in one of the rooms upstairs. A little while later when everything had been put where it belonged and everyone was asleep. Except for us. So that night we stayed up the entire night planning how we would scare them away. This was our house. 

The next morning when the sun started to rise turning the sky deep golden and orange, we had put everything where we wanted in order to scare these new people away. The whole day we spent scaring them and still they didn’t leave. We made them scream, throw things at us, put up traps and nothing worked. We kept up with this mischief for weeks and still nothing worked. 

By this time they had started just ignoring us and began going on with their lives as if nothing happened. And we were exhausted! We stayed up long nights planning new things and nothing worked! Eventually we gave up and moved down the road to see our neighbors who lived in another house like ours but smaller. And we never spoke of how we lost to humans ever again. Because weren’t mice supposed to be the scariest of all?

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