Mar 06
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The smell is light and yet it makes you dizzy with the chemical smell.
The taste is bitter and it becomes limp in your mouth.
The sight is of a thin thing, pale or colored it does not matter.
The feel is smooth and bendable as it conforms to your every whim.
The sound is of fluttering stiffness trying to tear away.
The taste is dry and salty making your mouth water.
The feel is crunchy and small as it gets in your teeth.
The sound is of it's grains melting like metal pellets on cement.
The sight is of light and plainness and a billion million pouring down.
The smell is of heat and of sun and of dryness and drought.
The sound is rustling in the quiet trying to blend in.
The sight is of dark pieces scattered across.
The feel is of rough softness and of failed protection.
The taste is of bitterness and of drought.
The smell is the cracking of the mind.