Mar 06
fiction 0 comments challenge: Mouse
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7 mice

                                            7 mice

Narrator: Today we will be interviewing a mouse who I understand has a treacherous story to tell us later on in the interview.

Mouse 1: Hi.

Narrator: Are you going to tell them where you live?

Mouse 1: Well, you see, we live a mile away from where you live and then you take a left and go for 2 miles, then you take a right…

Mouse 2: He asked where you lived, not for directions!!!!!

Mouse 1: He did?

Mouse 2: Yes, he did!

Mouse 1: Oh, well in that case, I live in a hotel in a town named Middletown Springs, Vermont. It is a nice little town and I don’t want to live anywhere else in the whole entire world!

Narrator: Does the manager know you and your family lives there?

Mouse 1: Oh yes, he does! I tease him and his workers on a regular basis.

Narrator: You do?

Mouse 1: Of course I do! Every morning when I wake up I go and find them, so I can tease them.

Narrator: Have you ever been caught?

Mouse 1: Of course not! Besides that one time when I had that encounter with the mousetrap and cheese. You see, I was out for a stroll with Mouse 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Mouse 6 when I saw some cheese on the ground. I ran to the cheese and picked it up to eat it and SNAP! The trap snapped shut tightly on my tail. The other mice had to help me get my tail out of the trap. 

Narrator: Really?

Mouse 1: Yes!

Narrator: That is some story!

Mouse 1: Yes, I would agree.

Narrator: And that concludes this interview folks!

Mouse 1: But I still have another story to tell!                  

Narrator: Save it for another time then!

Mouse 1: But…….