Mar 06
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The Mouse With the red dress

The Mouse With The Red Dress
                The mouse with the red dress looks

                 determined and serious. She reminds

                     me of Maleficent with her stick.


                      She looks like that mystical stick is

                    everything to her and she wouldn’t

                     sell it for the world. Or maybe she

                      won’t let anyone touch her stick 

                  because it is the world and if anyone 

touches it, the world will end. 
                         I have quite a lot of fondness

                      for her head jewelry and her veil. 

                 Her green cape is powerful with the shoulder                                                                                                 

          poofs and the silver button below her neck.


Neither her outfit nor her stick are what 

makes her powerful.

                                    She is powerful.

                                                                      By, Bailey
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