Mar 06
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The Trees little mice

“Hi. My name is Sadie and I am the narrator for this fairytale.”
There once were 3 little mice. Their names were Eddie, Jerry and Berry.

Eddie was 3, Berry was 2 and Jerry was also 2. Jerry and Berry were twins. Berry was  30 seconds younger than Jerry. Berry was a scaredy mouse and Jerry was the mouse that likes adventure. Jerry was brown, Berry was also brown and Eddie was black with brown spots.

They asked their mama if they could play and she said yes. While the rest of the mice were playing in the meadow  Eddie wandered off.The meadow was a big open field.The meadow was only a few minutes away. 

A few hours later their Mama called the mice in but only two came back. The Mama asked where Eddie was and they said they didn’t know. Their Mama was very worried and so was Berry and Jerry. 

 They had gone looking for him. A few minutes had gone by and they still couldn’t find him.Their Mama  and the two little mice went home sad until they saw Eddie on the front step. He had been looking for his Mama and the others. His Mama was very upset that he had wandered off. They had a long talk. They all learned that they should stick with each other. 

Mama and the other mice were so happy. Eddie explained what happened. Eddie was very sorry. Mama was not happy but she accepted his apology Mama told Eddie to never wander off again. Eddie promised he wouldn't. 

When Eddie and his siblings went out to play he didn’t wander off again .Eddie didn’t think of all the danger he could have been in. Luckily he didn’t get into any danger. They were all very happy that Eddie was ok .They went on with their day and they lived happily ever after. 

                                                                                                                                                                             By, Allyssa

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