Mar 06
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mouse trouble

Mouse trouble
    Once upon a time there were a group of six mice and they always got into mischief. They were never careful and they always got hurt. One time, they got into trouble. It was the last day of their lives. 

There was Mouse 1, Mouse 2, Mouse 3, Mouse 4, Mouse 5 and Mouse 6. Mouse 1 and 6 were princesses. Mouse 2 was part of a family and had porcupine cousins. Mouse 3 and 5 were friends with mother nature. Mouse 4 was half butterfly.  

One day they were out chasing a spider. They chased it for half an hour and then got stuck in it’s web. The spider turned around and started walking closer to it’s lunch.

The mice started yelling for help but it was no use. No one could hear them. They struggled to get out of the web and the spider was a foot away. The spider came closer and closer. It bit Mouse 1 and injected poison into the mouse. 

Then the spider went and bit Mouse 4. The spider bit every mouse and wrapped them in a ball of web. The spider put them in a safe place. Later in the year the spider drank their blood.


By, Wyatt

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