Mar 06
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It was late on a Friday night,

The air smelling of dewy rain when I slipped into my coma. 

I remember hearing a bang, 

Then suddenly I am  standing outside of my wrecked car, 

By my limp body. 

It is no longer raining, 

The clouds and sky are starting to lighten. 

Then, a variety of colors in the form of a rainbow appears. 

I wait for awhile, to see if anyone will come.

Then decide to walk, and I follow the rainbow. 

I used to do this as a kid for fun, to see if the leprechaun,

And a pot of gold would appear at the end.

Never having any luck before, today was different. 

I walked and walked, then coming upon the end,

I was not sure what to expect. 

It was a stand with a card on it, with my name. 

I open it up, and suddenly see my life in a glimpse. 

Then what my future has instore for me. 

I see myself graduating college, 


Getting married, 

Having kids,

And being so happy. 

After finding this at the end of the rainbow, 

I had more power to fight. 

So that is what I did, I fought and fought. 

I would make it out of this coma, 

And live my life.

After two long weeks I finally woke up, with my family by my side. 

And because of that rainbow,

 I fought to be able to live the rest of my life.
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