Mar 06
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The fast fox vs the sneaky mice

                                                 The Fast Fox Vs The Quiet Mice

Narrator: “This is the story of the fast fox vs the quiet mice.

Narrator: “These are the characters: Mouse One, Mouse Two, Mouse Three, Mouse Four, Mouse Five, Mouse Six and”

Mouse One: “Hi Mr. Fox. Wait, it’s Mr. Fox. Everyone run!” Mouse 

    Mr. Fox:  “Hi guys, which one should I eat first?”

Narrator: “Whoa! That fox really wants the mice but they are quiet  and sneaky. Can he catch at least one?”

    Mouse Four:  “Help! I am trapped.”

    Mr.Fox: “Well, I guess it’s you little one.”

    Mouse Four: “Please, no! I have my friends.”

    Mr. Fox: “Well little one, I don’t care. Say goodbye!”

    Mouse Four: “I am gonna escape faster than a blink of an eye!”

    Mr. Fox: “Yeah, how do you plan to do that? Wait, where did you                go?”
    All The Mice: “He came up here!!”

    Mr. Fox: “What! How did you get up so fast?”

    Mouse Four: “I am quiet and that was not fast. At least not as fast as you but you’re not smart enough to notice that we have been talking up here for almost thirty minutes.”

Mr.Fox:  “Wait, what!”

Mouse One: “Yeah, check the time oh, and bye bye.”

Mr.Fox: “What? Wait not that again. I am coming, little ones.”

All The Mice: “We are already down the hill, Mr.Fox!!”

Mr. Fox: “I am going home. I am too tired to chase those annoying rodents."    

Mouse One: “I am tired, how ‘bout you guys?”

All The Mice: “Yay! We escaped!!”            

Mouse Two: “Yeah me two

‘Mouse Three: “Me three.”

Mouse Four: “Me four.”

Mouse Five: “Me five.”
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