Mar 06
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You Have No Idea

The earth seems dull compared to the kaleidoscope of color I see To the warmth i feel
To the incredibly pleasant breeze
And you have no idea.
You are my end of the rainbow
The very thing I’ve dreamt to look upon
I was scared of what it would look like.
What if it wasn’t all I had hoped for
But right now
I know for certain
My end of the rainbow is standing right in front of me
Some people see a rainbow
And never find the end
But maybe we’re just two lost souls floating among the stars
Who see each other like it's the first time When our true colors meet the ground.
I hope i'm your end of the rainbow
Like you are to me
I hope I make you feel the colors I feel
I hope you won’t rain upon my rainbow vision But I am doing too much hoping
I should probably tell you all this
Tell you how I feel.
But for now,
Your my end of the rainbow
But I’m blocking your vision with clouds.
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