Mar 06
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Everybody has a Rainbow in life,

An idea, plan or thought that begins somewhere,

And ends either with a “Pot of Gold” or with little to no success at all.

High School is mine and a lot of others rainbow

with the “Pot of Gold” as graduation You start eager and optimistic,

And slowly the end seems further and further away, as you hit bump, after bump

Slowing your journey to the day,

Through the journey you will most likely fall into the same cycle of,

Pain, Fake Smiles, Pain, repeat, every single day as some of the

Most miserable, terrible people try to stop you in your tracks,

High school is a fight, a war with inner demons,

While you fight to make it to the end of the rainbow,

A dark, gloomy, rainbow,

But yet somehow this journey becomes the best, worst time of your entire life,

And that journey is High School.

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