Mar 07

theatre kids

hey, hey
you pushed at me with that smile of yours
one i can never turn down

want to go to denny's after the performance?
your hands in mine, pleading,
making me red and look away

it'll be me, you, and..
i stopped listening, really, after you said the two of us
i knew they were friends

please? you can sleep in the car
you still tugged at me, backstage
eager and smiling

i couldn't try to say no to you
couldn't even think it.

and then, and then
i didn't fall asleep in the car
we all watched, you, me, her

as he ran across the parking lot
at eleven at night
to point at lowe's

we're going to lowe's!
even though we were in
the denny's parking lot

snow falling, a soft blanket
i could barely keep my eyes open
but you were there.

our other friends came
and there we were,
eating pancakes and making jokes

i didn't fall asleep on the ride home
your head on my shoulder
whispered words as the car rocked

salt freshly on the ground,
some one-in-the-morning as we went back
backroads from his house, backroads from mine

theatre kids,
even though we're backstage and unseen
knowing the lines anyway.