Mar 10
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I feel something off. Something wrong. All my friends have gone to the carnivalAnd I haven’t heard anything from them. What is going on? I decide to go to the carnival to find out what’s going on. When I get there I hear kids and adults laughing, I go in. Once I’m in I find my friends, nothings wrong! “Where have you guys been all day!” I yell, “We’ve been here, there are just so many rides!” my friend James says back. I look out and as far as I can see, the carnival grounds aren't much bigger than a suburban house. My friends walk over to the back and I see more and more ground that I didn’t see before, “what is going on” I mumble under my breath. I keep watching my friends, they seem out of their own bodies. How do they not find this place creepy? As we’re approaching a ride, I see a hypnotizing spinning circle above the rides name. Have they all been hypnotized? After I see the circle, I decide it’s time to leave, I leave my friend there and go to the exit, but now there isn’t any exit where it used to be, what is this place?
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