Mar 10
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The Carnival

    It’s a windy fall day as I walk down the street on my way home from school. I look down after stepping onto something blowing in the wind. It’s a poster for a carnival. Covered in happy dancing clowns. Apparently, it’ll be in town tomorrow. My parents are out of town for the week, and I have nothing to do so I decide that I’ll go. I’ve never been to a carnival so I’m kind of excited. Little did I know that going would be the worst decision I’ve ever made. 

    The next day I head straight to the park after school, too excited to go home first. It’s a small fee of five dollars to get in. The ticket man is very old, and seems… out of  it. I go in and there’s only a few people. I think that it’s probably because it's only three o’clock. The people shuffle around, staring off at nothing. There’s a mother holding her daughter's hand. The girl has a lollipop but as I walk past she smiles and follows me with her gaze. I swear her head turns around completely. I walk quicker and go to play some of those stupid carnival games that you can never win. I wander for about an hour. Then the music starts.

    An excited voice announces over the intercom “Welcome to the Big Apple Circus Clown Show!” Then a bunch of clowns fully dressed come out of nowhere. There are some on little motorcycles, some are juggling pins, and others are just dancing.  Maybe fifty clowns fill up the empty area around me. The weird people start to gather, although they don’t seem very interested. I enjoy as the funny show goes on, and suddenly the music just stops. Then the group of clowns sort of hundles around me and this clown with a huge evil smile painted on steps forward. 

    “Hello Jamie” he says. “Come with me we have a special prize for you.”

    He then grabs my arm with his cold hand and the whole herd of them moves towards a big tent. His voice sounds hoarse and I remember that I never told anyone my name. I continue on into the tent. It’s completely dark with a spotlight shining on a thrown sittin in the middle of the room. They pull me over and sit me down. Then the music starts again and they all go back to doing their tricks. But one by one they all disappear and come back holding something shiny. I can’t really see what it is though. The music gets louder and they all start chanting something. They form a tight circle around me and start spinning. The chanting is louder now. And there’s that clown but he has a watch that he’s dangling in front of my face. His clown smile warped into a snarl. I feel like I’m falling into this dark tunnel forever falling. Random images zoom by. The room is spinning. And then darkness. 

    I  now wander the park like one of those people. The clowns tried to take my soul away. But little do they know that I am still me. I’m stuck here now. I try to help those as naive as I once was. There are so many things you don’t know.

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