Mar 10
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They; (1) They saw me.

March 10th, 20XX, Tuesday, 10:12 AM
    Today, they saw me. They were roaming the classroom with a rather bitter expression, and they saw me looking at them. Sikk said, “Oh, heeheehee…” He clucked his tongue. “What an interesting little thing!” Sikk is the creepiest one of them all, as the leader. He shambled towards me, and started smelling my hair. “...lavender? Ooh!” He hissed a bit. He likes lavender a lot. “Looking tender.” His voice did that weird growl and octave drop when he said ‘tender’. Then, Himk said something about how I ‘wasn’t that nice’. “Who cares? I like it. It’s so...pretty.” Another growl ‘n octave drop on the word ‘pretty’. Oh, the dramatic emphasis! It’s almost unbearable.

March 11th, 20XX, Wednesday, 12:41 PM
    Himk wants to take Emni, and Sikk's getting hungery. Hungery enough to agree. "We're so alone, Sikk. The others have died because they were weak, but we still need others around." That phrase really hit home I guess. I'm just glad they didn't 'take' me. Actually, they haven't 'taken' anyone. I don't even know what it means. I just know I started seeing them a while ago. Sometimes. It goes on and off.