Mar 10
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the strange carnival

      The Strange Carnival
Once a carnival was in town and my friends and I went to the carnival but something wasn't right. The people were acting really weird. My friends thought they were normal. But I knew that was something up.  Besides, we were the only ones there and we thought that there would be other people. 

We then went on a carnival ride after it was over. One of our friends was missing! We didn't know what to do. We tried calling his name but there was no answer. We kept walking when we found him but he wasn't acting like himself. He was quiet and he was mumbling random things. We didn't understand him, so I asked him if he was ok. But he just kept mumbling. We got goosebumps.

 I had had enough. I shook him while yelling at him. I yelled “What's wrong! He just looked at me not saying a word but I heard a part of the mumbling. He was saying, “He's here.” I said, “Who's here?” He didn't answer and he just kept quiet. We were too. Then he said, “Well, it was shocking what he said…he said “the demons.” We stood there shocked and scared. No wonder he was acting strange. Then I said, “We need to go NOW. So we ran as fast as we could. We all made it out. We talked about the demons. We never saw the carnival agian