record breaker

If I could break a world record it would be how many animals I could rescue in a year. There are many animals around the world that are either being abused or taken out of their habitats. Small animals like dogs, cats, and rabbits and larger animals like goats, horses, pigs, and other animals that you wouldn't necessarily find on a farm are just some that I would start with. 

There are many possibilities on how I could go about accomplishing my goal. For starters, simply just adopting animals from shelters and finding them new and safer homes that will love and care for them the way they deserve. Many animals are in shelters and some people don’t have that as their first instinct to go and find a new pet there but instead from a breeder. Another possibility would be finding a way to prevent animals from being sent to places like glue factories or atleast ensuring they have a better life before they are sent to be butchered for meat. Not just a little calf locked in a very small pen for its life. But allowed to roam and have fun for its short life.'s picture
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