Mar 12
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Carnival Joker

It was about three years ago but I remember it like it just happened. A carnival had come to our little town of Brookwood, known for its paranormal activity. My homeroom teacher Mr. Marcus said that it was a traveling circus but it was there in the time I was at school. They had set it up in the plaza just south of my school and east of my house. My friends Maurice and Jackson said that we should go and “scope it out”. I thought that it was silly and dumb because we were all 17 but it felt natural to go. So around 8:00 our trio was on our way there when all of a sudden I blacked out then as fast as that happened I was back at my house, sitting on the couch. I had a $20 in my pocket and in my left hand was a blood red coin. It said “Carnival of delight” on it and had an emblem of a joker on it.
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