Mar 13
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 If I could break any world record, I would break the one for walking across a bunch of LEGOs. This may seem like a weird one to most people but to me it makes perfect sense. Most say that stepping on a LEGO is the most painful feeling in the world, but I wouldn’t know. I have never stepped down upon the pointy plastic corners of this toy building block. In fact, I never even had LEGOs as a kid. When I tell my friends this, they say that “I had no childhood” and “what did you even do for fun?” Therefore I feel like I should make up for lost time and step across a huge path of them. Since I have never felt this “extreme” pain before, it will probably break me mentally and physically. But that’s okay! I would be honored to break an important record like this one. 

Of course I would have to do some training to prepare. I would need to find a way to make my feet more calloused and strong so that they don’t feel as much pain as they would when they’re nice and soft. I would also need to practice meditation quite a lot so that I can zone out and go to my happy place when my feet are literally being stabbed over and over again. It will be a hard journey, but I think I can do it. Now the only problem is finding thousands of LEGOs to step on. 
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