Mar 13


Authors Note: Recently my school has switched to online learning due to the virus, which was the inspiriation for this piece.

I say 
I touch the screen
My fingers leave a trace
I didn’t think I’d every be 
so glad to see your face. 
It’s nice that kid with bright pink hair 
Is on the screen with me
Who knows I’d be excited to say hi to Christian T? 
I gave a smile to the girl who’s quite during class
To my surprise and through the screen she makes a face and laughs
Peace sign to that kid who throws the ball around the hall,
And finger hearts to Sarah, I don’t talk to her at all. 
That dimwit that sits next to me, through the screen I smile,
He’s chilling on his bed and eating popcorn for awhile. 
I’m glad to hear that gamers voice, and I answered it with care,
Thumbs up from the soccer girl- she compliments my hair.
Checking in with Mandy B,
Frankie K says ‘sup
Someone made a fart- of course laughter does erupt.
Hello I say
I touch the screen 
Please stay safe I pray
I'd like to get to know you all,
Please don’t go away.
About the Author: Treblemaker
I write because the music of language spoke to me in books and I wanted to make a beautiful noise to answer back ~ Lee Williams.