Mar 13

We Live In

We live in a society where people would rather suffer through life-threatening injuries than go to the emergency room because they would not be able to afford the cost of care.
We live in a country where the rich are more valued than the common people.
We live in a time where nothing is more important than money.
We live in a system where if you don't consume you are worthless.
We live in an economy where small businesses and family-owned establishments are repeatedly squashed under big cooperation's heels.
We live under a government that are puppets for larger chains and more profitable names.
The way we live now is that only the very fortunate get health care that can actually support them and their families. The things that some people believe are from propaganda in order to keep health care out of our reach.
The way we live now is that the wealthy franchise owners blind us from the waste we are making and the destruction we are causing to Mother Earth. They make things break often and make things seem redundant when they are not.
The life our predecessor gave us puts the fate of Earth and her creations in our hands. We are the future of humanity, we can decide if we'll live, if we'll die, if our story will be told. 
We have to clean up the mess that was made but we sure as hell are going to step up and do it.