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World Record

March 12, 2020

 World Record
I want to break a world record of the longest hair in the world. The current record for this is 18 feet and 5 inches. The woman who is currently holding the record is Xie Qiuping. She lives in china. She broke the record on May 8, 2004. She started growing her hair in 1973 when she was thirteen. She is now 60 years old.

       If I want my hair to get that long I should probably start growing my hair out now. I’m probably going to use natural hair growing supplements like castor oil. To get long healthy hair I need to feed my hair from the inside, so in the next few years I will eat a lot of protein.

             I’ve always wanted to have long hair and my hair was down to my waist but I cut it this fall. Now my hair is down to above my shoulders. Hair grows roughly ½ an inch a month. Averagely, hair grows 6 inches a year. But if I eat plenty of protein like meat, eggs, berries and nuts. If I also use hair growing supplements, maybe just maybe, my hair could make it past 18 feet and 5 inches in less time.


                                                                 By, Bailey


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