Mar 15

The unfortunate events

A carnival enters the town
It feels off and mysterious 
Yet you want to enter 

The music lures you in
The smell of fried dough
The lights and rides 
You just want to do it all

These carnivals seem so happy
Smiling clowns and laughing children
Yet the secrets that lie within these carnivals
Make you sick to your stomach 

These carnivals are a money trap 
A scam, causing begging children 
Eager to spend their parents money

A place where children scream and cry
And you see people buckling over trash cans
After “facing their fears” 

The clowns can bribe young children 
Take them away to never be seen again 
And then selling them on the black market

People die at these carnivals 
From supposed malfunctions 
Or carnival shootings 

But they always bribe you in
With the sounds of happiness and fun 
So next time a carnival happens 
You better run, run, run

About the Author: Kenzie
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