Mar 15
poetry challenge: CJP-COVID19

Back To Normal

I thought that I was starting to get somewhere.
Things were finally coming together. 
I was still sad sometimes, but not nearly as often.
We practiced the play down in the basement.
The lights were off and people were laughing.
I laughed even harder watching the dances at lunch.
Something good was starting to happen,
spring was coming at last.

But then, on a Wednesday,
we were warned we might not be coming back to school the next day.
We told jokes and tried to facetime each other.
But we were worried.
What are the chances?
I asked that afternoon.
I don't know, I honestly have no idea, I was told.
As we were leaving school,
everyone stood together, hugging each other.
People said goodbye, and I love you.
We still joked, to make light of the situation.
We did not come to school the next day.

Now everything that I had is locked inside a dark box.
The box has a glowing screen.
That is my only connection to everyone.
We video chat, but that's not the same.
There is no physical contact, no ones really there,
I worry that any progress I had made will be erased.
I miss school, work, being with people.
I know I don't have a choice or a say in the matter.
But all I want is for things to go back to normal.