Mar 16
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The Imaginary Friend


A large hand covered in dark green fur pounds against an invisible window, a young boy sitting on the floor on the other side.


The creature the hand belongs to breathes heavily, and grunts with every swing.


The window remains unaffected, and the boy unaware. The creature lowers its hand and breathes, watching the boy on the other side playing with cardboard blocks. The boy swings the blocks around and crashes them into his toy cars, making noises with his mouth as he goes.

The creature hangs its head in defeat. A light wind begins to blow from the darkness surrounding the creature, and the creature begins frantically pounding on the invisible window once more.




The boy's father walks over and sits down next to the boy, grabbing a toy car and pretending to race.



Tears fall from the creatures slanted eyes as it continues to thrash on the window.




Suddenly, the vibrations cause a plastic cup to fall from the counter in the kitchen. The dad and the boy notice, and the dad gets up. This is the creature's chance. It strains its unused vocal cords and lets out a stringy chorus in desperation.

The boy does not notice. The wind begins to blow again. The creature tries again, becoming a little louder this time, but again not enough.

The wind blows harder and harder, the creatures fur dances. The creature goes to bang once more, but strangely feels empty. It stops for a second, and lifts its hand, or atleast where it had been. The creature watches as its arm melts away into sand, getting closer to its shoulder by the second.

It knows what this means.

The dad puts the plastic cup into the sink, and the boy crashes his toy cars together.

The creature stops to breathe and think, it’s other arm begins to melt away at a more rapid pace.

The dad begins to head toward the boy.


The boy continues to play.

The creature concentrates, and then speaks to the boy.


The boy holds his cars, and then looks up. At the creature.

The creature stops melting, and it smiles. The boy smiles.

In an instant the sand returns and begins to fuse itself back to the creature body, and its arms are returned. The creature waves at the boy in gratitude, and the boy laughs.

The window cracks. The creature stops and watches as the crack moves and spreads across the window, and suddenly shatters, the glass shards fading into smoke as soon as they fall off the frame. 

The creature and the boy lock eyes, and the creature steps through the window.

The dad returns and sits next to the boy, but then notices the boy staring off into the distance. At the creature.

The creature sits in the corner and watches the boy. The boy stares.

The window fades away and the wall appears in its place. A line of spit falls from the boy's mouth as he gazes in wonder. The creature becomes uncomfortable and looks around, grabbing a nearby book and pretending to read it. The boy laughs.

The mother peeks around the corner at the dad and the boy.

“What’s he doing?”

The dad looks over at the mom, and then back at the boy.

“I don’t know, I guess he has an imaginary friend now.”
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