Mar 16
poem 0 comments challenge: SHELTER

the point of a home.

under the shelter of our roof
you will be safe
and loved
welcomed with open arms
no matter your color
your size or your shape
no matter whether you have
or haven't faced hate
under these rafters
we spread love
not animosity
inside these walls
you will be whatever you choose to be 
you may have money 
or you might not
we don't judge your worth 
by something you've got
we don't judge you 
because of mistakes you may have made
inside this home
there is no discrimination 
only love
and hope
and acceptance for the people of all nations
under the shelter of this roof 
we wait here
for all who need us
for the people who have dreams
and hopes 
just like us 
who persevere 
and imagineer a brighter future
we open up our doors
to hold the people of this world
for what else
is the point of a home? 
than to hold the people who need it?