Mar 16


Above all things, including but not confined to the moon and sun and stars, I revere hope. Something intangible, something stirring, something alive, pounding on the doors to your heart. Let it in. It might hurt, but isn't it better than feeling nothing at all? Without it you are unbound, you breathe freely, but what is the point in breathing freely if you don't want to breathe? Hope is a red balloon rising high above the universe, sometimes you don't need wings to fly. Hope is the greatest teacher, the one who will teach you what humble is. The one who will make you feel pain because they know you will be a better person on the other side. Clutch it, squeeze it, entangle your whole body in it, kiss it, throw it, forgive it, raze it, let it come back. If you have a self, if you breathe... You will know what I mean.