Mar 16


The moon shone in on my face this morning. 
A small bright orb in the sky,
and I squinted at it as I lay on my side,
drifting in and out of consciousness.
It would be nice to be up there right now,
I thought, and shifted my position.

I could sit and watch the earth rise
over the rocky grey craters
against the void of dark sky,
speckled with stars millions of light-years away.
You can't see people from up there.
All you see is a small marble,
washed with blue and white.
Our day to day troubles ​are not quite
as big as we make them out to be.

And it would be silent up there too.
A break from the loud blaring noises
that accompany us everywhere we go.
Ads, news reports, people everywhere
screaming in our faces,
their voices of wild fear and greed.
Buy this, listen to me,
this is what you should do,
you should be afraid, 
I can solve all your problems.
Listen, or we will make you.
You will never get away.

But you can't hear that from the moon.
You can't see the hate, or cruelty, or fear.
After all, none of those things really matter
in the end.