Mar 17


Let the brightness of the yellow circular sun
heat you up,
like your grandparent's oven making a delicious Thanksgiving turkey.
Let yourself imagine being on the fluffy
calming clouds,
like your bed sheets coming out of the dryer.
Let the wind carry you away to a 
fantasy land,
like you're dreaming, before your blaring alarm wakes you up.
Let the grass
tickle behind your ear,
like your friendly dog, when they give you tongue baths.
Let the morning dew
stick to the back of your legs,
like the rain that pours down every year on a specific day.
Let the mist
cool your face,
like the feeling of an ice cube when it misses your water bottle,
and lands on your bare hand.
Let yourself be one with the outdoors.
Let your feelings take over, and see what that brings you.