Mar 17
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See Me

I’ve not lost hope.

Hope for the world and its people.

I am a proud muslim.

“Oh so you’re the one 

That says Allahu Akbar and bombs people?”

Let me answer you

It means God is most great.

It means I have to love,to be compassionate,

To be kind to all humanity

Know that God is watching over me.

He wants me to love.

He says killing one soul, is killing whole mankind!

He wants me to live and let live.

Our world has put Muslims in concentration camps,

Bullied them and taunted them with racial slurs.


Oh,just because me and them have a different faith?

We have people in Syria,Yemen,Myanmar, China

Starving,dying being oppressed.

Yet the world is silent.

Why? Because they are muslims?

But they stay strong to their faith

They have lost hope in humanity

But they have hope in God.

No one should be treated this way.

Don’t tell me I am dangerous

See me care for my community.

See me care for my neighbors.

See me care for my great country.

See me as a proud,loving citizen

Of America

And say,”Muslims are wonderful!”
-Hasan Azhar, 13,South Burlington
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