Mar 18
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Upside down and backwards

Isn't it weird he's always laughing?
Shouldn't he realize that there's a time to make jokes and a time to keep them to yourself?
Why does he not seem to care whenever serious stuff happens?
Why is he always the first one to break the silence when something bad happens with some dumb remark and a cheesy smile?
That's what people say about him.
Sometimes their comments are meaner...
Somedays he looks more alone...
But I always thought I understood him.
The fact that tense situations make him uncomfortable, I mean,
That he doesn't mean to laugh when something's sad or awkward, but he can't help it.
He's just the kid that can't stand the silence.
Humor is just his way of dealing with the bad and the scary and hard things, 
But it isn't his fault.

Everyone tries laughing sometimes just to see how other people will react.
I know I do. 
Half of the time, I don't even think that something's funny, I just want to feel a different emotion then the one I'm feeling right now.
Everyone deals with things in their own way...
So just remember,
 Next time someone laughs, it might be their way of trying not to cry and no one can be judged for that.