Mar 18
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Humor Means To Me

      Humor means to me,

          Humor means that people,

Laugh at jokes that may be hurtful to others,

People have a fun time laughing,

People take things seriously,

People don’t think,

About the bad,

They just go along with it...

Humor means to me,

Don’t be mean to other people,

People have fun,

They don’t care,

About what people say,

People don’t think about,

If it is hurtful,

They just laugh,

Then move on…

Humor means to me,

People make jokes that are not mean,

But, funny,

They don’t hurt people,

They make them laugh,

People just think about,it

then laugh...

Humor means to me,

People laugh,

People joke,

People don’t cry,

They do what,

They are comfortable doing,

They don’t feel,

embarrassed ,Ackward, that is what humor means to me...

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