Mar 18
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Every single day
Life looks a little different
No school bus
Not packing my backpack every night
Not being able to see my friends

In this kind of environment
The blame game becomes prominent
Pointing fingers
Racist remarks
This is the true test of humanity
When the Earth feels like it’s tumbling down
When it feels like our lives are being torn out of our palms
When it feels like the air has become poisonous
Can we all still be kind?

Because we are all going through this
And this is not the time
When we should be saying
This is your fault

It’s hard to be strong
And it’s hard to keep your head held high
When it feels like your chin is being pulled down
When it feels like you are losing control
When it feels like life has become too complicated
And every day has become a puzzle
That we are trying to piece together
The simplest thing to do
Is be kind