Mar 19
poem 0 comments challenge: Starry
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You and I and The Sky

I was looking at the stars 
So were you.

The crickets were fiddling 
The fire was crackling 
And the fireflies were stunning
But all of this was nothing compared to what was above 

We weren’t looking at each other 
But somehow, I could see you clearer than ever 
Our gaze truly met for the first time in the stars

I felt vulnerable
It was lovely. 
The universe above was a mirror 
And I liked what I saw in its reflection

I was scared of how much I adored it
Every single wall I had ever put up had been obliterated 
It was just you and I and the sky

Then we looked down
We looked at each other
Both a little uncertain 

Your eyes were brighter than any star 
That was when I knew
Life would never be the same 
I had discovered something grand. 

I didn’t know what was next 
I didn’t understand what I was feeling 
But I understood you
And that’s all that mattered

It was just you and I and the sky.
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