Mar 19
fiction challenge: CJP-Society
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Cardboard Box

Society is like a cardboard box. And this cardboard box has rules. You must stay inside the box. If you leave the box, the box will follow you and pull you back. If you have anything to share, make sure that it has been approved by the cardboard box. Life inside the box seems, well...awful. So then why do so many of us feel compelled to live inside this dank, suffocating, terribly small box? I mean, outside of the box, you can see clearly and each person looks remarkably unique. There is room to stretch out, maybe explore a little? It seems great, but when you leave the box, you can't really enjoy it as much as possible, because the box chases you, and tugs on your arm, pulling you back in. Inside the cardboard box, it’s quite dark. You can’t really see people very clearly, so everyone looks the same. And because it’s quite cramped in there, there’s not much space to create your own ideas because the ideas of others just seep into you. There’s not much room to breathe either. So if both living outside and inside the box is so hard, what should you do? Is there anything you can do? Even though this is tremendously difficult, try stepping outside of the cardboard box once in a while. Or maybe just dip your toes outside of the box. See how the box treats you. It will likely yell at you and pull on your arm to come back. But if you just remind yourself of the conditions inside the smelly, dark box, I think you will gain the strength to pull your way.